Aonix Asia Open for Business


Aonix Advanced Materials Asia Corporation was officially opened for business in Taiwan on April 22, 2014. To mark the occasion, Marc-Andre Lefebvre, Managing Director of Aonix Asia, and Jerome Le Corvec, President and CEO of parent company Aonix Advanced Materials Corp., hosted a group of friends and business associates at the company’s new offices in Taichung City.

Aonix Asia is focused primarily on the development of UltraMaterials™ Solutions for the makers of sporting goods (including footwear) and mobile electronic devices in Taiwan, China and throughout Asia. The company’s offices are at 3F, No.2, Jingke 3rd Rd., Nantun District, Taichung 40852, Taiwan.

Contact Aonix Asia at Tel.: +886 4 23288636 or