Aonix at TCC Auto

Aonix’ Jerome Le Corvec was a featured speaker at the inaugural Thermoplastic Composites Conference for Automotive in Novi, MI (June 11 & 12, 2014). According to reports, Jerome’s focus on making the transition from plastic injection molding to mass producing high performance thermoplastic composite parts was well received. The traffic at the Aonix booth corroborated those reports. There was a steady stream of serious interest. “I listened to Jerome’s talk,” said one visitor, “and you guys are on the leading edge.”

There is a high-beams headlight shining on the applications for stiff and strong lightweight materials in automotive. IBM’s i3 carbon composite intensive commuter vehicle is catching eyes. Ford and Magna’s Multi-Material Lightweight Vehicle (MMLV) concept was unveiled earlier this month claiming the performance and safety of a Ford Fusion but the weight of a Ford Fiesta—a 25% reduction. And of course, Ford’s announcement of the all-aluminum F-150 in 2015 made the front pages of the industry news outlets.

Aonix’ special contribution to the dialogue on lightweighting in automotive is on the productivity side. As Le Corvec said in his presentation to TCC Auto, Aonix’ UltraMaterials™ enables the mass production of high performance composite parts with rates comparable to those of plastic injection molding technology. “The net result,” says Le Corvec, ” is high performance parts that cost less.”

As obvious as it sounds, we’re predicting rapid acceleration in the rate of adoption of new lightweight materials like UltraMaterials™ by auto makers and the automotive supply chain.