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Aonix UltraMaterials™ are a new class of high performance, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites with thermo-mechanical properties that rival those of epoxy composites and aerospace grade thermoplastic composites.

All UltraMaterials™ have excellent stiffness- and strength-to-weight, extreme toughness, excellent resistance to common chemicals, and a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0.

UltraMaterials™ MatrixUltraMaterials Matrix
UltraMaterials™ are based on amorphous polymers with novel, modified chemistries. Amorphous polymers can be processed more quickly than semi-crystalline polymers and that can reduce part manufacturing cycle times. Ultra-S is based on a modified sulfone and best suited to applications where the price-to-performance ratio is critical.. Ultra-I is imide-based best for high temperature applications. Ultra-P is based on a rigid paraphenylene and a best fit for applications requiring extreme strength and stiffness.

Tailored to the Requirements
UltraMaterials™ ship as pre-consolidated blanks expertly tailored to the requirements of each application. Matrix, fiber, laminate layup and areal dimensions are all configured to create the UltraMaterials™ that achieve an optimal price-to-performance ratio.

The Fiber
UltraMaterials™ are made with continuous carbon, aramid or glass fiber—any fiber with a melting point higher than 400°C—alone or in hybrid configurations that add the flexibility to meet cost objectives without compromising material performance.

Thin Ply TechnologyThin Ply Technology
UltraMaterials™ implement Thin Ply technology. Typical UltraMaterials™ UD prepreg has a fabric areal weight (FAW) of 72 g/m² and measures only 0.075 mm in thickness. Thin ply technology enables you to reduce mass and maximize the possibilities for complex geometries.

UltraMaterials™ can be overmolded with many standard thermoplastic overmolding materials to reduce part count and assembly steps, and manufacture complex parts not possible with other materials.

Heat and Flame Tolerance
All UltraMaterials™ have a UL94 V-0 flammability rating and a continuous in-use temperature maximum of at least 160°C.

DHeat and Flame Toleranceecoration and Finishing
UltraMaterials™ are compatible with all common thermoplastic coating technologies including in-mold decoration and painting for a Class A finish.

Long Shelf-Life
UltraMaterials™ have an indefinite shelf life at room temperature. No special storage conditions are required and UltraMaterials™ present no complicated inventory management challenges.

100% Recyclable
Aonix is committed to environmental sustainability and product stewardship. All UltraMaterials™ are 100% recyclable at end of life and “zero-scrap” production programs can be crafted for most applications.

High Volume Processing
UltraMaterials™ blanks arrive ready for molding. UltraMaterials™ are specially developed to support the highest production rates achievable with qualified thermoplastic molding equipment. Part-to-part cycle times can be as low as 1 to 4 minutes, depending on the UltraMaterials™ used and on the size and complexity of the part. And unlike epoxy-based thermoset composites, UltraMaterials™ do not require curing to achieve superior performance properties.


Express™ High Speed Molding Machines

Express™ High Speed Molding MachinesUltraMaterials™ set a new standard for high volume production of high performance thermoplastic composites parts and structures and Aonix can support your mass-production goals with Express™ high capacity molding machines. Express™ molding machines are purpose-built and expertly optimized for the application and for UltraMaterials™. The result is perfect machine-material compatibility and trouble-free operation. And Express™ molding machines implement advanced automation and robotics to reduce labor costs while maximizing through-put.